A Curry Story

Most people in the US think of ' curry' as a spice/ powder- usually yellow-or a blend of Indian spices or generally food that Indians eat, or something so hot it will burn your palate.

To me , with my Indian heritage, curry means simply' something in a sauce or gravy'. It may be meat, vegetables or lentils. Some degree of seasoning is taken for granted but it may or may not be hot. Some like Korma can be exceptionally mild and delicately seasoned while others like Vindaloo, Chettinad, Kadai etc.will definitely leave an impact. Some are thin and saucy , to the extent of being soupy, while others like ' Bhunna and Masalla ' may be thick... Variations of the method of cooking, blends of spices, ingredients and of course a chef's personal touch can produce innumerable flavors and nuances.

Looking for a scapegoat for this ' curry confusion' I zero in the British for misleading the world. Imagine,the English Sahib conquers India and gets his first taste of curry. Memsahib( the wife) wants to send home the recipe for this " amazing dish " and asks the Khansama( her Indian cook) what he puts in his chicken curry. She jots down all the Spices he tells her and behold the Curry Powder(as the West knows it ) is born !

Simple? well not quite, or we would not be here selling you the stuff. We look forward to serving you some, soon.